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Youngist is Hiring: Multimedia and Arts Editor

By Hira Mahmood


Do you have a knack for film, video, web design, and feel a sense of collective responsibility for our world? Do you want to further develop community art while also fostering other young artists and activists?

{Young}ist is looking for an Arts and Multimedia Editor to join our dynamic team.

Our current editorial board is made up of four content editors and we are looking for a fifth member with a background in art – from web design to audio, video, or other multimedia forms. Let’s further push artistic intervention while simultaneously exploring and documenting our subcultures.

Please submit a cover paragraph including what equipment and editing software you have access to, or any organizations you are a part of, and any other projects or experience you have with digital art and media. E-mail both your cover paragraph and resume to, and we will respond with further queries. Applications due June 1!

Thank you for your continued support for youth media from the left and from below.


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Hira Mahmood

editor for Youngist/enthusiast for art, subversion, the text/faux-student/documenting subcultures/making collisions and making something new//

Catch up with me @hiramahmood5.



April 29, 2014

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