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Youngist announces new DIY Series

By Victor Casillas Valle

Youngist DIY Series

Youngist is going to start curating a new series for the month of August under the theme: millennial do it yourself.

Think: youth culture as it intersects with politics. Everything from skate crews, youth-led alternatives to incarceration, queer haircutting collectives, student-run co-operatives, zinesters, DJs, hackers ……. anything that falls under that!

We want you to participate and tell your friends! Send pitches/suggestions/ideas/submissions to! Multimedia submissions [comics, podcasts, photo essays, videos, etc] are a major plus.

And yes, we pay contributors!

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Victor Casillas Valle

Victor Casillas Valle is a Chican@ writer, multimedia journalist, radio host, editor, poet, musician, and music industry professional.

Catch up with me @VictorCValle.

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July 30, 2014

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