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Undocumented artist critiques assimilation Undocumented artist critiques assimilation

Undocumented and Awkward: An Interview with Julio Salgado

By Nia King

Undocumented artist critiques assimilation

It’s the radicals versus the assimilationists. But wait, are we talking about the queers or the DREAMers? In this case, it’s both!

Undocuqueer activist illustrator Julio Salgado discusses his political progression from painting a picture perfect portrait of undocumented students to a framework that recognizes even if your record isn’t squeaky clean, you don’t deserve to be deported. Highlights include:

  • a date with a gay Latino Republican,
  • using art to combat fatphobia and body-hatred,
  • and the “privilege” of being undocumented in California.

In We Want the AirwavesNia King seeks advice from other queer and trans artists of color who’ve figured out how to make art and make rent without compromising their values.

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Nia King

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May 30, 2013

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