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Pride Without 'Pride': Power in Shared Spaces

H Kapp-Klote on July 15, 2014

What could possibly be left to say about Pride? Everyone, it seems, queer and straight, has an opinion on pride. JD Samson thinks we should get off the internet and, somehow relatedly, that trans women should be nicer. Colorlines thinks...

Whose Pride Is It, Anyway?

Chrysten Jackson on June 29, 2014

Buffalo. The nickel city. The Queen City. Monikers of a city from a bygone era. Living in a post-Rust Belt world, where my city – a city once renowned as the eighth largest in the nation – now rides high...

LGBTQ histories didn’t begin with Stonewall and end with Windsor

Erik Lampmann on June 25, 2014

As I celebrate Pride this month I continue to identify mainstream narratives that situate the LGBTQ movement in the past, treat the expansion of same-sex marriage as a fait accompli, and fail to name the shared struggles for immediate survival,...

How to Break Pride: A Guide for the LGBTQ Movement

Emma Caterine on June 22, 2014

Pride in and of itself is worthless. Not only worthless, but a dangerous complex of invulnerability to criticism or even review. Pride is held by all tyrants and key to control in oppressive systems. Whether you want to call it...

At the Frontlines, Youth Continue to Fight Queer and Trans Homelessness

Hannah K. Gold on June 11, 2014

The LGBT Rally for Homeless Youth began even before the hundreds of people who had gathered in Washington Square Park stood at attention before the stage, while they were still milling around and greeting one another. A smattering of joyous...

Why I Ran Out Of Pride

Chrysten Jackson on May 06, 2014

I remember when I received my first pride guide. I remember keeping an ultra secret profile when I returned to my fundamentalist Christian parent’s house. And I remember seeing the Evergreen advertisement. I remember the overwhelming feelings of hope, that...

Re-Queering Pride

Ngoc Loan Tran on July 25, 2013

The history of Pride in America June was Pride month in the United States. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folks from coast to coast celebrated the history of queer resistance led by drag queens, poor and homeless queer youth, and...

Stonewall Riots

Mike Funk on June 29, 2013

Young New York based artist and musician Mike Funk’s comic about the story behind the Stonewall Riots. The comic is based on a speech that activist Sylvia Rivera gave in 2001. Check out the entire comic strip series here. //...