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do it yourself

Culture Creators Series: Andrew Kaminski

Rain Embuscado on September 08, 2014

Our morning started with a hunt for acetate. It was warm for late December, and as Kaminski pointed out, the whole of Harlem seemed excited by the winter heat wave. He opted to enjoy the weather with a tank: Keith...

Hillary Thompson forefronts as first openly transgender skateboarder

Victor Casillas Valle on August 20, 2014

Hillary Thompson, originally from Raleigh, NC, . Thompson began taking hormones in 2008, according to an interview she did with King Shit Skateboarding Magazine. After a couple of years moving around the southern United States due to a need to...

Youngist announces new DIY Series

Victor Casillas Valle on July 30, 2014

Youngist is going to start curating a new series for the month of August under the theme: millennial do it yourself. Think: youth culture as it intersects with politics. Everything from skate crews, youth-led alternatives to incarceration, queer haircutting collectives,...

The Kids Aren't Alright - But They Might Be

Alice Lesperance on July 02, 2014

Two questions I’m constantly asked on my blog are some variation of, “Why do you care so much about the Millennial generation?” and “Why is punk important?” In fact, this week I was specifically asked “Why is Millennial punk so...

Do-It-Yourself in the Digital Age

Hira Mahmood on June 21, 2014

The Atlanta Zine Fest is an annual conference celebrating DIY and handmade media. The first Atlanta Zine Fest, held in 2013, garnered over 300 participants, 25 vendors, and 21 speakers/workshop facilitators. AZF holds events and programs year-round, culminating in a...