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Fight Back: Tips on Organizing for Justice in Palestine

Michelle Zei on May 13, 2014

There’s much more to campus life than classes and parties: college is a fundamental time to question beliefs and develop social consciousness. The college campus has always been an incubator for change and a battleground for political debate. Students exceptionally...

WSA Adopts Resolution Supporting Divestment From Israeli Military Occupation of Palestine

on May 06, 2014

At Sunday’s meeting, the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) voted to adopt Resolution 11.35, which calls for the University and the WSA to divest from companies that profit from the occupation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem....

Columbia Students Talk Prison Divestment

George Joseph on April 16, 2014

{Young}ist contributor George Joseph talks to memebers of Columbia Prison Divest about the prison industrial complex, actions the group has taken recently, and their plans for the future.

Why I Walked Out

Anna-Lisa Castle on April 14, 2014

On Thursday, I was one of the hundreds of people who showed up to the Student Assembly meeting to talk about the possibility of talking about Resolution 72, which calls for divestment from six companies that profit from the Israeli...

Leveraging institutional power

Kate Aronoff and Stephen O'Hanlon on March 28, 2014

As we look back on the last 150 years of Swarthmore, we might ask: what will Swarthmore look like in 150 years? At its sesquicentennial, Swarthmore can claim a long history of envisioning a better world. Founder Lucretia Mott envisioned...