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Sharmin Hossain

South Asian womanist, coffee enthusiast, radical educator and anti-Islamophobe.
Sharmin Hossain is 20 years old, a student at CUNY Hunter, a student organizer and a youth activist trainer at the Youth Activists-Youth Allies Network. She coordinates a political education program for young people of color training to become community organizers. She develops curriculum to build and create movements for anti-oppressive spaces. In particular, she works in demilitarizing schools and addressing police brutality and the presence of the NYPD in schools. Before attending Hunter College, Sharmin was a student at SUNY Albany, where she organized and worked with Save Our SUNY to fight against budget cuts and the shutting down of important departments. Living in New York City and working in student organizing since her high school years, Sharmin is currently working in political education and youth empowerment through activism. She is studying in the South Asian studies and Political Science department. You can find Sharmin on Twitter as @sharminultraa.

My Stories

Students Protest Militarization at CUNY and War Criminal David Petraeus’ New Position

Sharmin Hossain on September 25, 2013

In a political reality where the Senate Foreign Policy committee approves U.S. military intervention in Syria; where we uncover thousands of Iraqi children born with deformities as a result of U.S. chemical weapon attacks; and where the continuous illegal detainment...

Community Control, Bangladeshi Garment Workers and the NYPD

Sharmin Hossain on June 25, 2013

“I’m going to make sure you’re staying in that cold, wet jail cell tonight,” the sergeant told me the moment I got into the car. It was a rainy summer day in Brooklyn, New York. Earlier in the day, peaceful...