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{Young}ist is always looking for fresh perspectives, new ideas, and different ways to support our grassroots, innovative youth culture.

Have A Pitch?

We want to know how you experience and explore art, we want your savvy commentary on popular culture, current events, intersectional oppressions – and most importantly, we want to support ourselves and each other (which is why we pay our writers $50-$65 per article!). For some outstanding examples of published pieces that demonstrate on-point youth analysis on pop culture and politics, reflective narratives on Millennial identity and struggle, and introspective angles on youth and/or student organizing for social justice, please click here to get an idea on the content we are looking for.

Want to get a sense of our beats? Most of our content sits at the intersection of youth and...

Contact our editorial team here to pitch any ideas to participate in our horizontal, collaborative editing process.