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Nicolas Quiazua

Reporter. Words in print, and prints in pixels. Ancien Rédacteur en Chef du @DelitFrancais. Naat aliens but colonies.
Based in Montreal, Nicolas Quiazua is the former editor-in-chief of McGill’s French university newspaper “Le Délit". Both a freelance writer and photo-journalist, has worked and produced content for many Canadian and news outlets, including Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec,, and Our Times Canada’s Independent Labour Magazine. Along with co-author Laurent Bastien Corbeil, Nicolas was named finalist for the 2013 Canadian University Press award for News Reporting (french). His interests include student activism, language politics and labour issues. You can follow him on Twitter @NicolasQuiazua.

My Stories

My Body, My Marriage

Nicolas Quiazua and Lily Hoffman on July 03, 2013

Menstrual fluid is socially taboo; the first time an adolescent menstruates, (she) is celebrated for having achieved ‘womanhood,’ and now being capable of procreation. During the rest of a woman’s life, menstruation is repressed. It is deemed the source of...