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Ngoc Loan Tran

writer, storyteller, aspiring educator.
Ngoc Loan Tran currently resides in Charlotte, NC by way of Sài Gòn, Việt Nam. A writer, storyteller and organizer, they center their energy and vision for liberation on migrant justice and an end to interpersonal violence by living at the intersections of multiple oppressions and privileges. In their work, they are committed to keeping the political personal because bell hooks tell us, “without justice there can be no love.” Loan is particularly excited about this project because as a queer southerner of color, daily their work allows them to fulfill the legacy of young people who have been at the core of every social movement and they believe the resilience of young people is transformative, creative, and worth documenting.

My Stories

Re-Queering Pride

Ngoc Loan Tran on July 25, 2013

The history of Pride in America June was Pride month in the United States. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folks from coast to coast celebrated the history of queer resistance led by drag queens, poor and homeless queer youth, and...

My Movement Mom

Ngoc Loan Tran on May 12, 2013

The first time my mom saw me speak about social justice was on the 7 o’clock news. I was speaking about the effects of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on young LGBT people looking for reflections of themselves in society. It was...