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Mariama Eversley

Sophomore Wesleyan University capitalism kills

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Free Jane: Young Trans Woman Imprisoned Without Charges

Mariama Eversley on April 24, 2014

On this episode we speak with 3 guests — Chris Garaffa and Al Riccio from the Party for Socialism and Liberation and Aaron Romano the attorney of a 16-year-old trans girl who is currently incarcerated in a woman’s prison and...

Students Fined $5,000 for Activism by Wesleyan University

Mariama Eversley and Ross Levin on December 03, 2013

The self-proclaimed “Diversity University” is at it again.  Wesleyan University, located in Middletown, Connecticut, is prosecuting three trans* and gender-nonconforming students for taking political action to address transgender discrimination on campus.  This comes just one year after the University reversed...