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Kirin Kanakkanatt

Nat'l Field Coordinator for @getequal & fangirl of @OHIOstudents /@Dreamdefenders- collective power. collective wins. collective liberation.
Kirin Kanakkanatt is a 23 year-old Ohio native. She is a proud queer, API, woman. She has worked with young people and unlikely voters in the 2008, 2010 and 2012 elections. She loves climate justice and has organized against mountain top removal in Appalachia, fracking in Ohio and for the green economy nationwide. She has mobilized young people around student power in Ohio through her work with the Ohio Student Association. She is currently the Millennial Coordinator for All Hands on Deck and the Project Manager for the National Student Power Convergence 2013. She believes in creating collective power for collective wins to get collective liberation. You can find Kirin on twitter @kirin_rosemary.

My Stories

Hope, Power, and How Occupy Invigorated Our Generation’s Fight for Survival

Kirin Kanakkanatt on December 12, 2013

Last month I was published in In These Times's cover feature, “Generation Hopeless?”, a discussion of the legacy and unfulfilled promises of Occupy. Due to space, my article had to be cut down. I now present you with the full text:...