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Hillary Thompson forefronts as first openly transgender skateboarder

By Victor Casillas Valle

Hillary Thompson

Hillary Thompson, originally from Raleigh, NC, . Thompson began taking hormones in 2008, according to an interview she did with King Shit Skateboarding Magazine. After a couple of years moving around the southern United States due to a need to “run away”. However, Thompson was able to come to a constant through skateboarding, and currently resides once again in Raleigh.

“Gender is not about genitalia,” she said in the interview, “it’s an identity thing.”

Be sure to check out one of her rad skate videos above, and be on the lookout for more amazing stuff she’ll be bringing to the skate community.

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Victor Casillas Valle

Victor Casillas Valle is a Chican@ writer, multimedia journalist, radio host, editor, poet, musician, and music industry professional.

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August 20, 2014

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