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H Kapp-Klote

H is a Kansas native trapped next to a coast. They think about power, organizing, and pizza in Washington DC.

My Stories

Pride Without 'Pride': Power in Shared Spaces

H Kapp-Klote on July 15, 2014

What could possibly be left to say about Pride? Everyone, it seems, queer and straight, has an opinion on pride. JD Samson thinks we should get off the internet and, somehow relatedly, that trans women should be nicer. Colorlines thinks...

The Revolution Should Not Be Boring

H Kapp-Klote on May 25, 2014

Say what you will about advanced capitalism, it’s definitely lively. The ecosystem is being destroyed, there is a fundamental disconnect between those in power and those they are supposed to represent, and white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and neoliberalism are all consuming....