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George Joseph

Columbia U'16 Freelancer
George Joseph is a labor and education reporter, who looks to The Wire and Toblerones for daily inspiration

My Stories

The Red Tape Remains: Columbia Students in Solidarity with Sexual Assault Survivors

George Joseph on September 13, 2014

Yesterday, in its first public rally, Columbia’s anti-rape group, No Red Tape, called on students to come out and voice their experiences of sexual violence directly in front of Low Library, the seat of Columbia’s administration. Last year, No Red...

Northeastern University’s Definition of Consent Allowed Assailant to Transfer

George Joseph on May 07, 2014

Early this morning, Youngist received a report that a survivor of sexual assault has chosen to file a federal complaint against Northeastern University. The filing comes on the heels of a flood of Title IX complaints from students across the...

23 Columbia Students File Clery Act and Title IX & II Complaints Against University

George Joseph on April 24, 2014

Trigger Warning: The following content discusses specific cases of sexual assault “I don’t trust the University to take my experience or my safety more seriously than they take their own public image.”- Cami Quarta, Columbia survivor and complainant This morning,...

Columbia Students Talk Prison Divestment

George Joseph on April 16, 2014

{Young}ist contributor George Joseph talks to memebers of Columbia Prison Divest about the prison industrial complex, actions the group has taken recently, and their plans for the future.

Breaking Past the Brochure

George Joseph on April 06, 2014

(Note: Names have been changed to protect students from further administrative reprisal.) Members of No Red Tape,  a Columbia University students’ group, attempted a silent action today at a gathering for prospective students. Following the example of Dartmouth students last...

What Happened in Albany? Interpreting the Massive Parent Turnout in Support of Charter Schools

George Joseph on March 24, 2014

March 4th in Albany felt like a massive field trip gone wrong. On the same day that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rallied over a thousand students, parents, and labor activists to the capital in support of his...

Barnard College Censors Students for Justice in Palestine

George Joseph on March 13, 2014

This Monday, to kick off End Israeli Apartheid Week, the Barnard-Columbia chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine hung up a banner in front of Barnard Hall, featuring a map of historical Palestine. In response, students and parents from campus...

Portland Students Walk Out to Take Back Their Voices

George Joseph on January 13, 2014

People in the “education reform” movement often claim that policy makers must put students’ needs over teachers’ demands. Whether it be Michelle Rhee’s “Students First” lobbying campaign or corporate-sponsored “student activist” groups like Teach for America and Students for Education...

Columbia Students’ Fight Against Campus Sexual Violence— And For Administrative Transparency

George Joseph on December 27, 2013

Society’s historically racist template for what sexual violence looks like generally confines itself to the dark city alley in which a Black male stranger overpowers a young white girl. But for college students the reality is much closer to home....

Barnard College’s Sex Restrictions

George Joseph on November 04, 2013

This fall, when students shuffled back into their dorms at Barnard College, one of the nation’s premier all women’s universities, many were surprised to hear that they would only be allowed to have guests sleep over no more than six...