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Asam Ahmad

The contributor bio for Asam Ahmad
Asam Ahmad is a multidisciplinary writer, poet, scholar and community organizer. He is a writer who still has a hard time trusting words. Hailing from Faisalabad via London via Montreal, he is now a writer based in Toronto (with a short stint in Chenab Nagar). He has been actively involved in student, queer and social justice movements locally and nationally for the past 10 years. He is currently coordinating the Youth Program at the Metropolitan Action Committee for the Prevention of Violence Against Women & Children, and is a co-founder of the It Gets Fatter Project, a body-positivity project for fat people of color. His writing on social justice and Islamophobia have appeared in Shameless Magazine, Now Magazine, Black Girl Dangerous and a peer review journal at John Hopkins University. He is a tumblr, dim sum and reading addict, an armchair film critic, and is passionate about making the world a fatter place.

My Stories

Useful Martyrs and Invisible Deaths: On Leelah Alcorn and the Erasure of Trans Women of Color

Asam Ahmad on January 22, 2015

On June 3, 2014, the lifeless body of Kandy Hall, a 40-year-old Black trans woman, was found slumped in a field near a school and playground in Baltimore, MD. Exactly ten days later, the body of 28-year-old Zoraida ‘Ale” Reyes,...

4 Queer Hip Hop Artists Better Than Macklemore

Asam Ahmad on January 30, 2014

Sometimes American pop culture can feel like an unending cannibalistic orgy where Black and African-American art forms are constantly consumed and regurgitated by White artists for more money, more fame and more credibility. As Jon Caramanica wrote in the New...