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Alex Stevens

The contributor bio for Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens is one of the cofounding organizers and acting new media coordinator of 99Rise, a youth-powered organizing network that’s building the movement to get big money out of politics through nonviolent direct action. He received his B.A. in Politics & English Literature from Occidental College, and is a graduate of the 2013 Narco News School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico City. Alex’s background is in student organizing, online organizing, and civil resistance strategy & training. He’s also a rusty slam poet, and an avid tweeter of dissident-political flotsam & cyber-cultural jetsam @AlexStevens.

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Alex Stevens on May 09, 2013

"I believe in {Young}ist because there is no other online space that proposes the level of critical engagement, critique, and progressive lifestyle within the current youth culture, that {Young}ist does."  - Saar Shemesh, {Young}ist art contributor, student organizer (sent from the...