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About Us

{Young}ist is your source for youth-led, fiercely independent political and cultural news, anaylsis, storytelling, and creative intervention by and for Millennials-in-action!

What We Do

{Young}ist was born in response to the scapegoating of our generation in mainstream, corporate media narratives.

As we are burdened with the economic crisis, a broken immigration system, and the rampant violence on young Black, Brown, queer, and transgender youth across the globe - we pursue storytelling not only as a vehicle to spread news, but also as a vital organizing tool to combating oppression. We see youth-led publishing and cross-pollination of ideas and strategies as a political necessity in this digital age.

Our Mission
  1. Reclaim the mediascape with a youth-powered team responsible and accountable to our political analysis, our peers, and to upcoming generations facing a multitude of oppressions.
  2. Network and amplify the stories of young people leading transformative projects in their communities
  3. Foster vibrant conversation between young activists, journalists, and culture creatives by delivering a diversity of content - from cultural analysis and artistic intervention, to political news and movement storytelling.
Statement of Principles
  1. We spawn change by creating a dynamic online community organized by us and for us.
  2. We aim to permeate our youth culture by instilling a habit of interrogating and and dismantling systems of power. This is reflected only in practicing a horizontal organizing structure, but also in our content.
  3. We are accountable to our extended community of artists and organizers, while still maintaining our autonomy.
  4. We strive in both content and conduct to interrogate and dismantle systems of privilege, power, and oppression in society at large; {Young}ist strives to highlight and amplify the stories and voices of frontline communities left out of prevailing movement narratives.
  5. We value the privacy of our users, and will allow neither government nor corporations to access user information.
Contact Us

Contact members of our staff with questions pertaining to specific question and concerns regarding content, engagement and design.

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Commenting Policy

{Young}ist wants to encourage discussion on our Facebook page, and our policy is generally to not delete posts by the Facebook community. However, we may choose to remove posts that are explicitly racist, sexist, or otherwise triggering. Keep it civil, folks.


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