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Cooper Union students lock down to protect free tuition Cooper Union students lock down to protect free tuition

A Source for Real Young People-Powered Digital Storytelling & News Commentary (Finally)

By Alex Stevens

Cooper Union students lock down to protect free tuition
"I believe in {Young}ist because there is no other online space that proposes the level of critical engagement, critique, and progressive lifestyle within the current youth culture, that {Young}ist does." 

- Saar Shemesh, {Young}ist art contributor, student organizer (sent from the occupation of Cooper Union’s President’s Office, pictured above)

Get ready for {Young}ist: the first and only site wholly devoted to storytelling, artistic projects, and fast-paced analysis of political & cultural news from a team of staff and contributors aged 25 and younger.

The fact is we need {Young}ist — now, more than ever.

Young people across the globe have grown up amidst extreme economic, political, and ecological crises. Nevertheless, 79% of Millennials say they believe our generation has better opportunities to produce real structural change than any generation before us. 

Those under 25-years old, the first generation of Internet natives, make up half the world’s population. So, it’s no surprise that young people have been at the forefront of nearly every recent social movement – from the Arab Sprint to Occupy Wall Street – pioneering strategies that bridge new media savvy and traditional face-to-face organizing.

Still, no major online publications are run by and for young people. Few spaces exist dedicated to cultivating and amplifying the voices of young artists, journalists, and organizers across these emerging global youth movement. 

We think this is a problem. It’s high-time time we had our own space – a space where we can speak for ourselves. And that’s where {Young}ist comes in …

We’ve already gathered an incredible team of 20 contributors from across the globe: the youngest DJ ever to score a major network TV show; a student anti-austerity activist from London; the blogger behind The Nation’s Dispatches from the US Student Movement from Connecticut; an undocumented youth activist and member of the “Georgia 8”; a leading organizer behind the first-ever National Student Power Convergence from Ohio; a political artist from Mexico City who was an organizer/trainer in the #YoSoy132 movement; a journalist and VICE magazine contributor from Pakistan … you get the idea, cool people.

As we speak, these folks are prepping everything from an advice column on how to survive a job at a nonprofit as a young person, to a poetic inside-look at LGBTQ leadership in the migrant justice movement, to a prescription for building US student power through real student unions.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching this project’s Kickstarter campaign while working with some talented web developers to build the full site. In the meantime, we’ll begin publishing original content from the {Young}ist team right here on Tumblr — getting you the news you want, the way you want it, and looking damn good doing it.


Alex Stevens, {Young}ist Engagement Editor, and the rest of us 

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Alex Stevens

Poet-Machiavel, Playful Radical, Organizer @99Rise, Engagement Ed. @theyoungist, tweeting dissident-political flotsam & cyber-cultural jetsam. Opinions thine.

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May 09, 2013

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